Galveston Salt Water Charters

A brouchure site designed to inform and cause action.

Our client wanted a simple and clean website that showcased their fishing charter company and drive sales. We put together a front page that was uncluttered, got the message across and invited the customer to take action and book a trip.

html5, javascript, jquery, mysql, php, SEO

A/V Crew Management Software

A complete system for managing Events and the crews that run them.

The world of sports production, national meetings and events is fast paced and the people who manage them are hard pressed to find a tool developed by people who know how the challenges they actually face. Crewing Source is the answer to that problem. It was developed in partnership with a seasoned veteran of high profile sporting event production.

Bright Web Systems was able to put together an app that performs the many necessary tasks of managing large crews in multiple regions. The application was built from scratch and attention focused on ease of use and automation.

html5, javascript, jquery, mysql, php

Event Management System

Full scale on and off site event management system.

The client manages large medical conventions and meetings. The team is responsible for making sure the doctors who present at these meetings are able to upload, edit and manage their presentations online.

The build has a second function as a show management application. Some of its capabilities are presenter scheduling, on-site file revision management, Show flow management, live schedule presentation to any net accessible location and more.

html5, javascript, jquery, mysql, php

Real Estate Bidding System

A complete Real Estate Auto Contract and Bidding System

Our client is a Real Estate Investing powerhouse. His team buys hundreds of properties a year and to do so they must submit thousands of offers. When they approached Bright Web Systems to build out their automated bidding system we were really excited.

This is a very unique software and is cutting edge tech in the world of Real Estate Investing. What we came up with was a way for the investor to upload any number of contracts and other documents that can be mapped with placeholders. When an excel sheet of properties is uploaded to the system with all the details of hundreds of properties, the system then automaticaly creates all of the necessary contracts and documents for each and every property. This saves hundreds of man hours and makes bidding and tracking of bids so much easier. Add to that the automated mailing system that sends the bids out for the investor and you nearly have a fully automated system making the entire process streamlined and simple.

html5, javascript, jquery, mysql, php

LeBlanc Team

A Real Estate Services Team Site

This up and coming Real Estate team needed a modern look and action forms that allowed potential clients to get the ball rolling.

Bright Web Systems came up with a style that has a soft and inviting feel to it as well as multiple action forms that entice the visitor to connect with the company.

html5, javascript, jquery, mysql, php

Limousine Service

Full site design and reservation system.

Our client needed a clean and easy to use system that his clients could use to book Limousine transportation.

We went with minimal design elements and focused on action steps. (the only thing we disagreed with the client about was his choice of header photo. The resolution was not correct but he insisted we use it.)

The site features auto-fill address search, integrated google rout mapping, dynamic pricing calculation based on multiple variables, a booking system that sends documents to the company and the end client as well as responsive design style, SEO and standard form usage.

Technologies used for build: jquery, mysql, html5, google-maps-api, javascript, php

Environmental Services Company

Information site with standard contact systems.

The client wanted a single page informational site that looked "different".

Because the client is an environmental services company that likes to have fun we went with a blend of modern text formatting and a hint of the surreal.

The end result is a smooth flowing site that gets the point across while engaging the user to take action and make contact.

jquery, css, adobe-illustrator, psd-to-html, graphic-design, html5

Best Salon Deal

A social marketing concept for salons.

There are a ton of deal sites out there. Best Salon Deal is a bit different in that it allows salons to advertise their company to their clients friends via social networks.

If someone wants a great deal all they have to do is share it. Once they share the deal the site tracks the event and creates a unique coupon code for the client to use. This can be printed out or shown to the salon on a smart phone or tablet.

html5, javascript, jquery, mysql, php

Harrison Media Group

A door to door marketing services company

Our client is a national provider of door to door marketing services who has a large up-scale client base. They wanted a clean and sophisticated look that showcased their abilities.

Bright Web Systems came up with a minimalistic design and several actionable areas that invite the prospect to connect.

html5, javascript, jquery, mysql, php

Real Estate Sign Sales

An E-Commerce web application built from the ground up.

Our client wanted an easy to use and easy to update ordering system for his Real Estate Sign products.

We built a custom E-com application from the ground up that featured a unique ordering process that feels modern.

Because there are so many variables to consider when pricing a Real Estate sign we had to carefully craft a database structure that could accommodate global and individual cost and price changes. The application uses several moderately complex formulas to insure the user is presented with a full pricing structure to choose from based on material type, size, quantity, number of colors, and other options.

Technologies used for build:css, adobe-photoshop, adobe-illustrator, html5, ajax, jquery, mysql, php