Meet the Bright Web Systems Team

The most important thing to us is our client. Each of our clients, from the owner of a modest upstart that needs a simple brochure site to our large corporate clients that are developing there own custom business applications are VIP status and the team here has the experience and the desire to make each of them successful and happy.

Favorite Quote: "He who has a thing to sell and goes and whispers in a well is not so apt to make the dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers!"Author Unknown


Daniel is the lead developer and designer at Bright Web Systems. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has 20+ years experience as a business owner and technician in various industries including Electrical and Non-Electrical Sign Manufacturing, Food Service, Real Estate, Business System Application Development and Web Development and Design. This real world experience affords a level of understanding of his clients and the ability to relate to them and their vision.

Daniel’s experience in web development began during the successful ownership of a mid-sized sign manufacturing company located in Houston and Austin, Texas. The sign company grew up with the web from the late 90's to 2011. When yellow page advertising started losing ground in 2005 Daniel had to evolve their marketing and learn how to bring in new business online. It was then that he started to cut his teeth in the world of web development. By 2007 they stopped using yellow page advertising all together, and were cultivating nearly 75% of new business from their website and other online advertising. After selling the sign company, Daniel relocated to Colorado and took all he had learned about developing for the web and started Bright Web Systems, a full service web developing company.

During his down time, Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 kids, exploring the great outdoors, snowboarding, hiking, traveling, surfing, playing his guitar, golfing, and spending time with other close friends & family.

She often reminds the team: "Don't promise the moon, just deliver it!"


Jennae is someone you want on your team. She has a personality that sets her apart and has a way of understanding people. Couple that with her international heritage, extensive experience and upbringing in the world of business and you have an understanding powerhouse who can offer fresh ideas and get things done.

She has owned several companies, held key positions in corporate and government organizations over the past 20 years and has always proven to be invaluable to her colleagues and clients. From working her fathers first sign company to managing a major division of the worlds second largest sign and graphic franchise Jennae has the experience to help her clients create content and marketing material that works.

Jennae loves to travel, ski in the winter, walk the beaches in the summer and live life to the fullest everyday in between. She is an avid study of nutrition and health and loves discussing good eats with anyone and everyone.

Favorite quote: "Life is hard, God is good, don't get the two confused."


Laura is an artist. Period. She has an amazing talent for digital design and can take just about any concept and make it come alive on the screen.

She has worked in the commercial printing industry, digital design industry and the sign industry and has developed true skill over the years. With Laura you can be sure that when she is on your project you are going to get top notch results.

When she is not busy creating fabulous works for others you will find her having a blast with her family, writing comics and novels, illustrating a side project for her church or playing the bass. You may even catch her on the set of an Indie film sometime.

Some examples of her work: Web Page | Print Design | Comic Design | Digital Painting

"I am still learning and am obsessed with being on the cutting edge and staying ahead of the ever-moving curve"


Kurt has graphic design down to a science. He knows things you can only learn from many years of experience. When you couple that with passion you have a little bit of magic.

There is no room here to list all of his awards so lets just say that the trophy case is busting at the seems. When Kurt is on the job you know you are getting something done right.

Some examples of his work: Professional Commercial Development | Television News Graphics | Illustrations